Marggie Castellano is an international businesswoman and environmental advocate that knows public service is about solving problems, building consensus and getting things done. Castellano has over 25 years of leadership and international management experience as a businesswoman and as a science documentary producer working for clients such as National Geographic Television.

Through her work, she has successfully collaborated with clients around the world and witnessed the devastating effects of climate change, such as melting glaciers, the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, and El Niño’s ruinous effects. Castellano is deeply committed to protecting our air and water by stopping offshore oil drilling, removing nuclear waste stored at San Onofre, and investing more in clean, renewable energy.

As a breast cancer survivor, Marggie knows what it’s like to struggle with medical bills. That’s why she will fight to make healthcare more affordable and accessible, oppose the healthcare age tax, and lower prescription drug costs to ensure our families stay as healthy as possible.

Marggie has a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Small Business and Political Science, a technical degree in Computer Programming, and holds a graduate degree in the field of Business Journalism.


Marggie has dedicated her personal and professional life to the fight for social and economic equality. She will build upon this foundation in order to guarantee a quality public education, affordable and accessible health care, and a living wage for all Californians as our next State Senator.

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