• I'll work to reduce waste  and  cut  red  tape,  fight  to  remove tax  loopholes exploited by big corporations,  and  help  small  businesses  grow and  succeed. 


  • As a breast cancer survivor, I know what it's like to struggle with medical bills. That's why I'll fight to make healthcare  more  affordable  and  accessible in our coastal communities,  oppose  the  healthcare  age  tax, and lower prescription drug  costs  to  ensure  our  families  stay  as  healthy  as  possible. 

  • Now that I have beat breast cancer, I will bring my firsthand experience of our healthcare system to the State Senate.

  • In the State Senate, I will take on Big Pharma and drug corporations and work to make prescription drugs more affordable by forcing drug companies to become more transparent in their pricing.

  • In the State Senate, I will fight hard to reduce health care cost inflation, protect people with pre-existing conditions and combat the age tax, so that quality health care is affordable and accessible for everybody.

  • I will defend Planned Parenthood, and fight back against the federal government’s assault on women’s health.


  • In the State Senate, I'll fight against offshore oil drilling, and advocate for investing in renewable clean energy to ensure clean air for future generations. As someone committed to renewable energy and getting money out of politics, I will never accept a dime from the oil industry.


  • In the State Senate, I'll protect our coastline and fight for 100% renewable energy. I will also promote new technologies that make our current processes more  energy efficient and will work with small  businesses to help them use energy more efficiently.

  • I’ll also create wind and solar jobs right here in Southern California, because renewable energy isn’t just about protecting the environment  -  it’s also the  future of our economy. In the Senate, I’ll make Orange County and San Diego County the global epicenter of renewable energy jobs.

  • I refuse to take a single cent from the oil industry because I will only fight for you in Sacramento, not the special interests. 

Paid for by Marggie Castellano for CA Senate D-36 2018